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Appliance Repair Service

You call an appliance repair service person and he comes and touches, this and that and after a few minutes, your appliance is working perfectly again but you are slapped with a big bill of $120. Sometimes he tells you your appliance needs a new part costing even more. This seems such a ridiculous amount to pay considering the amount of time he has spent on the job itself.

But before you go around complaining, consider that the appliance repair service provider used his knowledge to solve your problem, knowledge that he has spent years and money to gain. He has had to keep abreast with all the changing technology on every brand and model of appliance on the market.

Appliance repair service technicians have to attend training workshops at least twice a year to learn of new appliances. These workshops cost them large amounts of money for traveling and accommodation costs. This extra training allows him to be able to know exactly what to do in order to have your appliance working again.

In addition, appliance repair service technicians sometimes waste a lot of time on service calls trying to solve a problem. Some jobs take longer than expected, and if they are charging per visit, they don’t charge for the extra time used. Add to this the ever-rising cost of appliance parts, insurance, liability insurance, truck fuel, maintenance costs, and other service costs that the appliance service technician incurs whenever he pays you a visit.

Beware of any appliance repair service providers that promise to offer free consultations visit because these usually have hidden charges. In addition, their work quality may be inferior if they charge too little.

Having said the above, at bay appliance repair, we understand that appliance repair service can be expensive and therefore, charge at a flat rate for a visit, and if, for some reason, we have to schedule another visit to continue checking your appliance, we won’t charge you for it. We only charge you for any new parts and labor. In addition, we charge a reasonable amount for a visit.

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