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Make sure you check your warranty before you call in an appliance repair firm. Find out if the appliance is still covered by warranty and what the warranty covers. Keep all the warranties in a folder where they are easily accessible. If you cannot find your appliance warranty, go online and download it. Save it in an unused part of your computer storage.

Register your appliance for e- warranty whenever required to do so. Keep all your receipts intact and if you bought the appliance using a credit card, request this information from your credit card company. If your warranty is still active, you can have your appliance repaired free of charge at the appliance manufacturer approved service centre by an approved appliance repair technician.

Whenever you call an appliance repair company, first confirm the brand, model and serial number of the broken appliance. These details are usually found on the user manual, the receipt and other paperwork that came with the new appliance. Although this numbers may also be available on the appliance, they can be difficult or impossible to see.

Having this information with you will save everyone’s time, as the appliance repairperson will know exactly what he is dealing with and may even carry the right spares first time around. This will eliminate the need for a second visit, and you will get your appliance repaired in time.

After you call the appliance repair service, schedule time where you get to stay at home and wait for the technician to arrive. There is nothing as frustrating as a repairman coming to your home and finding that you are not available when you said you will be. Tell the repair service company to call you a few minutes before they arrive so you can go back home if you are out running errands. This will save you having to waste half a day waiting for the appliance repair and service man to arrive.

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