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A good place to start would be at the yellow pages of course but here again there are thousands of adverts with each company claiming their San Francisco appliance repair technicians are the best in what they do. So how do you choose? Find out if the company accepts credit cards. This means that after your repair, work is done, you will only have to give your credit card to the technician who will swipe it on his machine for his charges. Most use their phones attached to an adapter. Not only, is this more convenient for you, but it also shows the San Francisco appliance repair company is serious.

The process of getting a merchant account to start accepting credit cards is not easy and only serious business owners will go through the effort. Any San Francisco appliance repair company that accepts credit cards is a serious company with serious and trustworthy technicians.

Furthermore, if the work done for you by such a San Francisco appliance repair technician is not to your satisfaction, all you need to do is call your credit company and ask them to charge back the cost of the repair to the merchant in this case, the appliance repair company. Although this takes time and may require you to fill some paperwork, you won’t get ripped off by unscrupulous repair companies.

Check the yellow pages adverts again. These adverts are expensive and any San Francisco appliance repair technician whose company has put up a huge ad means it has spent a sizeable amount of cash and is therefore, more serious in what it is doing.

Beware of San Francisco appliance repair companies that promise no service charge. These usually hide charges to cover for the “free” service. You might end being unpleasantly surprised by the total cost. Rather, call each company you are interested in and ask them exactly how much the total charge will be for the repair and compare the prices. Hire a repair company only if it fits your needs and budget.

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