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Why should I hire Bay Appliances Repair and not the others?

First, our record speaks for itself. Just ask anyone who has been in San Francisco and its precincts, and they will tell you. In addition, we aim to make you a return customer since this is a very competitive business that relies heavily on referrals. Our technicians are screened thoroughly, and you can leave them at home without fear.

 I have an old fridge that I don’t use anymore. What would you advise me to do with it?

Well, if you have old space in the garage, you can just keep it there. However, if it is damaged, and you feel that you do not need it anymore, we will help you dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

 Do you offer a guarantee of sorts after repairing an appliance?

It can be hard to offer a guarantee on an old appliance that has seen many days of use or one that has undergone many repairs. However, we make sure that we advise you appropriately on what is worth or is not worth repairing at all. If we repair your appliances for you, then if it fails due to our fault, we will repair it again free of charge or at minimal cost.

About when would you advise me to change my refrigerator?

There is no doubt that the older appliances consume much more energy than their new counterparts, and the fridge is a big culprit. If your energy bills skyrocket every month, perhaps it would be better if you changed to a better and newer version or had some of the parts changed. On the same note, it would be advisable to have an expert company audit your energy consumption.

How do you train the Bay Appliances technicians?

We send our technicians to as many manufacturers as we can or as many as we deal with in the market. Therefore, we can assure you that our technicians are manufacturer trained, and therefore they can handle your Maytag, LG, Whirlpool, GE and many more appliances that you have at home or at the office.

We also have the commercial department whose technicians deal with commercial appliances.

 I have suds from my washer even after rinsing. What could be the problem?

There are two ways to this one. First you could be using too many detergents. Reduce the amount and see what happens. Two, your washer may need service.

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